Council amended and passed a new Beautification Policy (Policy 2017-09) on November 8, 2017. Following this, a Beautification Committee was set up to identify and spearhead projects for beautifying the town in partnership with residents. The committee is comprised of two members from Council, three volunteer community residents, and two representatives from the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency. The new Beautification Policy Statement can be read here; the reports of past committee meetings can also be assessed here.



Beautification Along the Riverfront and Walking Trail For Seniors

The Riverfront and Walking Trail around the Senior's Lodge are among the key priority projects that have been identified by the committee for improvement. The goal is to create an additional path that would link the seniors lodge to the current walking trail via a gazebo to form a loop, and add new infrastructure to the beachfront. This will provide a safe, interactive space for seniors, while enhancing the quality and vibrancy of the beachfront for residents.


Open House

An Open House is scheduled for 5:30 p.m on February 22, 2018, at the Star Centre to obtain community feedback and suggestions on the concept plan for the area. All residents are invited to attend. 


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